48-98 Proposal

Days off and scheduling benefits

More “four dayers”—Since the 48-96 is a more efficient arrangement of days, the number of “four-dayers” doubles to five a month or a total of 60 per year, instead of two and a half per month or 30 per year under the current schedule. Every time a firefighter completes his shifts he is beginning a “four dayer.”

More weekend off—The 48-96 schedule gives personnel a total of 25 full weekends off per year, versus the current schedule of 17. For personnel whose families are involved in weekend activities such as team sports or church services, this is a significant benefit.

More mornings home—The number of mornings that a firefighter is not traveling to or from work increases to 15 a month (or 180 per year), instead of the current 8 per month (96 per year). This increases the number of mornings a firefighter is home to help take the kids to school or just sleep in.

Benefit days—By examining the attached 48-96 shift calendar, personnel can quickly see how the strategic use of “V” or “F” days may be used to maximum advantage. For example, burn two days and get 10 off. Or use 12 benefit days to enjoy six 10-day vacations per year.

With our new contract in place, many members will be achieving their two-year “V” and “F” day caps, and will be using a total of 15 ½ shifts per year. By using just an additional ½ SP they will be able to enjoy eight 10-day vacations per year on the 48-96 schedule.

Overtime/TXs—With the 48-96 schedule, personnel can work up to 10 overtimes in a given month yet never work three days in a row. FSLA pay will not be affected; personnel will still get 10 hours of overtime per pay “corridor.” All current TX policies would remain in effect.