48-98 Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

What would be recommended to the EXECUTIVE BOARD as we prepare for the 48-96 trial period?
  1. No affect on FLSA.
  2. Each shift be first up for recall in the middle two days of each 4-dayer.
  3. An opt out (escape) clause must be intact.
  4. A mandatory Christmas Eve/Day flip flop be in place.
How would 48-96 effect 4-dayers?

The number of 4-dayers doubles to five per month and 60 per year.

How would it effect full weekends off?

They would increase to 25 @ year from 17. Plus three out of 6 evenings including two Friday nights off.

What happens to “sleep-in” days?

Those increase from 96 now to 180 per year.

What about Benefit days?

Burn two and get ten days in a row off or use 14 benefits days (2-days at a time) and enjoy seven 10-day vacations a year.

What about overtime/TX’s?

Work up to 10 OT / TX a month & never work 3-days in a row. Everything else is the same. Or you can work four OT/TX a month and never work a 72-hour shift, and still have three 4-days – impossible under today’s contract.

What about recalls?

Recalls can occur during the middle two shifts of any 4-dayer.

Are there week-to-week variables?

Work  two consecutive Mondays, take next four Mondays off.

Are there other economic and personal benefits?
  • Commute time and costs are cut in half – a 45 mile commute at 15MPG at $3 a gallon saves $1,000 a year plus brakes, tires, etc.
  • Reduced fatigue because you have a 4-dayer every 2-days not each 8-days as now.
Are there other benefits to the community?

Yes, NINE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE THOUSANDS POUNDS of air pollutants are removed each year.

What about those with legal issues?

There are some people that have a legal issue, such as a child custody agreement, that would be effected by a schedule change such as 48-96. Similarly, there are some on the job that have hardships related to the current schedule.

To help ease the burden to those negatively impacted by this or any change in the schedule, we would consider a 6 month trial period, with 2 or 3 battalions, before a full vote and implementation. This would allow time for legal issues to be worked out before full implementation.

Ultimately, the 48-96 schedule is an advantage for people with child care agreements because it provides for more mornings at home and it is significantly easier for legal personnel to understand.

What does management think?
  • They like it.
  • It is a political feather.
  • It removes 1,600 cars a day from local highways that could produce significant fiscal benefits.
  • About half the relief problems are eliminated.
  • Productivity increases.
  • Class and field training is improved and more even.
  • Reduced holdover costs by half.