48-98 Proposal


Before the current economic crisis, the 48-96 Shift Schedule was proposed, and in fact, approved by the majority of the Local 1014 membership. The proposal was not carried forward by the Union Board, because they required a 67% majority for the advisory vote.

The 48-96 Committee that proposed the shift schedule change was disappointed, but understanding.  Union negotiations are difficult and political.  Everything taken to the negotiation table must be carefully considered and weighed against the other pressing issues such as salary and benefits.  With only 600 votes cast, Local 1014 wanted to wait before adding this proposal to an already full negotiation agenda. We feel this proposal is important, but the timing was not right in 2006.


With the Board of Supervisors struggling with the tight county budget, we are not asking for increases in salary.  But this proposal actually saves money and reduces air pollution by substantially reducing the commute miles of Fire Department personnel.

Please look at the information presented on this site.   We hope to win your support for this great proposal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Questions@LACO4896.info